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    All The Up and Coming Trends For Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Dos Olivos Markets

    All The Up and Coming Trends For Extra Virgin Olive Oil


    All The Up and Coming Trends For Extra Virgin Olive Oil


    Extra virgin olive oil has been a staple in the culinary world for centuries, and its popularity continues to grow as more and more people discover the health benefits and unique taste that it offers. While olive oil has been around for a long time, there are new trends and innovations emerging in the industry that are worth exploring for anyone who is passionate about this versatile and delicious oil.

    1. High-Quality Standards

    One of the biggest trends in the world of extra virgin olive oil is a focus on quality. With so many different brands and types of olive oil on the market, it can be difficult to know which ones are truly authentic and high-quality. To combat this, many olive oil producers are taking extra measures to ensure that their products meet strict quality standards, such as those set by the International Olive Council.

    One of the ways that producers are doing this is by using modern techniques to extract the oil, such as cold pressing. This method allows the oil to be extracted without using high temperatures, which can destroy some of the delicate flavors and nutrients that make extra virgin olive oil so special.

    In addition, many olive oil producers are also implementing rigorous testing processes to ensure that their oil meets the standards for extra virgin olive oil, such as being free of defects, having a low acidity level, and having a high level of polyphenols (antioxidants).

    2. New Flavors and Blends

    Another trend in the world of extra virgin olive oil is the introduction of new flavors and blends. While traditional extra virgin olive oil is still popular, many producers are experimenting with new blends that feature different types of olives, spices, and other ingredients.

    For example, some producers are blending extra virgin olive oil with balsamic vinegar to create a unique and flavorful oil that is perfect for dressing salads or drizzling over grilled meats. Others are infusing extra virgin olive oil with herbs, such as basil or rosemary, to create oils with a distinct and bold flavor that can be used for cooking or as a finishing oil.

    3. Sustainable and Organic Production

    Sustainability and environmental consciousness are becoming increasingly important in all industries, and the world of extra virgin olive oil is no exception. Many producers are now focusing on sustainable and organic methods for producing their oil, such as using environmentally friendly practices for cultivating their olives and reducing waste.

    For example, some producers are implementing water conservation techniques, such as drip irrigation, to reduce their water usage and minimize the impact on local water resources. Others are using natural pest control methods, such as companion planting, to reduce their reliance on harmful chemicals.

    In addition, many producers are also using organic farming methods to produce their oil, which means that they are using natural fertilizers and avoiding the use of harmful chemicals and pesticides. This not only helps to preserve the environment, but it also results in a more natural and authentic oil that is free of any harmful chemicals.

    4. Innovations in Packaging and Marketing

    Finally, there are new innovations in packaging and marketing that are transforming the way that extra virgin olive oil is sold and consumed. One of the most notable trends is the use of dark glass bottles to protect the oil from light and oxygen, which can cause it to deteriorate over time.

    In addition, many producers are also using innovative packaging designs that make it easier for consumers to dispense the oil and keep it fresh. Some are using pour spouts that are designed to reduce mess and waste, while others are using pump dispensers that allow the oil to be dispensed with precision.

    Another trend in the marketing of extra virgin olive oil is the use of storytelling and brand identity to differentiate their products from others on the market.

    Written for Dos Olivos Markets by Ksenia Sobchak

    Cosmetologist/Dermatologist, Clinical Nutritionist – Central Saint Martins, BA (HONS)