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    Montabes Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 mL

    Montabes Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 mL


    Directly imported from Spain, and from the same family (Monva) as our Dominus Acebuche, Dominus Cosecha Temprana, and Valle Magina, we introduce to you the Montabes Extra Virgin Olive Oil (500 mL)!

    Montabes is an estate-grown oil, produced and bottled in the Monva family estate. Being a premium oil, produced and bottled in Sierra Mágina, it is defined by its fruity flavor and high content in natural antioxidants and provitamins.

    Montabes is produced during the first weeks of December, from olives that are collected from the tree once they have completed their ripening cycle. These fruits have a characteristic purple, eggplant color, and they offer oils of a great organoleptic profile, a fragrant and fresh aroma, and an elegant mouth feel.

    Tasting profile:

    • Appearance: golden color
    • Aromas: notes of green, ripe olive, leaf and fig tree prevail
    • In mouth: round and balanced, fresh and elegant mouth feel
    • Aftertaste: high persistence, almost imperceptible bitterness and astringent taste

    This evoo is our TOP choice for cooking and frying...that's what it's made for! We always recommend that the cooking temperature does not surpass 380 degree F, since that would smoke the oil and cause it to lose all its antioxidants. However, any temperature below that will ensure the antioxidants are still present to consume!