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    Dos Olivos Market, originally Los Olivos Market, started in March 2018, when Rafael and Rebecca, father and daughter, bought Taste Buds Market in Wimberley, TX because they are passionate about the Hill Country and what it means to locals and visitors. The name “Dos Olivos Market” came naturally, in honor of Papa Ramon, Rebecca's grandfather, who was from Madrid, but a true Texan at heart. His influence in the business is not only in the name, but in the food, and the experience we strive to give our guests each day. 

    At Dos Olivos Markets we pride ourselves in our mission, to be an Original Marketplace where we welcome all to encounter a curated experience in which Old World Tradition and Texas Charm meet. Quite simply, we strive to connect top producers of quality wines, beers and gourmet foods with customers that are searching for unique and authentic experiences. We accomplish this by providing an incredible selection of the very best food & drinks. We love to showcase Texas' independence and creativity in its original artisan products, and true to our roots we have reached out and extended to bring exceptional products from Spain whose producers have a familiar approach to quality, family, and distinction.

    At Dos Olivos Market, we invite everyone to experience what a true marketplace can be. A meeting place for all to try local wine and beer, unique food, come together for events, and shop artisan gifts.Welcome to Dos Olivos; Welcome Home