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    From Spain: Tierras De Tavara - Dos Olivos Markets

    From Spain: Tierras De Tavara


    Tierras De Tavara is one of our newest brands of Extra Virgin Olive Oil imported from Spain. With different varieties such as their Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil, made from early harvest green olives, their Seleccion Extra Virgin Olive Oil made from black olives, their Truffle Olive Oil, and Garlic Olive Oil, there’s something for everyone!

    Sierra de Segura, or “TAVARA” as the Phoenicians called it, is a treasure trove in an isolated setting northeast of Jaén. Nestled in the Natural Park of Cazorla, Segura y Las Villas, our oils capture the olive flavor of its fruit, the warm affection of its people and the expertise of their traditions.

    La Sierra de Segura inherits a long olive oil tradition, in fact, the Designation of Origin Sierra de Segura goes back to 1979 and it is the second oldest in Spain. Our extra virgin olive oils are qualified by the Regulatory Council of the DO Sierra de Segura recognizing its extreme quality.

    Check out why these extra virgin olive oils made it to our stores by quality and flavor alone!

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