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New Arrivals!
    Jamón Serrano from Spain coming to Los Olivos Market! - Dos Olivos Markets

    Jamón Serrano from Spain coming to Los Olivos Market!

    We are excited to announce that we are importing Jamón Serrano from Monte Nevado directly to Los Olivos Market. When we envisioned the business, from the beginning we knew that we wanted to curate experiences and connect customers with great quality and delicious products. Because of our close relationship with Spain we decided to bring an exceptional Jamón Serrano to our Market. At Los Olivos Market we value the importance of trying new and accessible products. We have two kinds of Jamón Serrano available, Ibérico and Serrano. Both hams are all-natural and air dried in the Spanish mountains.

    Serrano ham "24" is from pigs of Celtic origin, bred in Spain and selected for their size, age and proportion of fat. Monte Nevado selects hams from heavy pigs, which allows them to extend the curing process for an average of 24 months. During the crafting process, Monte Nevado uses only very little mediterranean sea salt and no additives. Their master ham artisans review and classify each piece one by one many times until they decide that each ham has reached the ideal maturation. 

    Ibérico ham comes from the autochthonous Spanish Ibérico pigs whose slow growth result in optimal marbling. Monte Nevado's slow and natural curing process without any additives allows them to get the best aromas and flavor from each piece: each one reaches its perfection at a different moment. Ibérico ham is very aromatic with long-lasting flavor, and a creamy, melting sensation in your mouth. 

    We have limited quantity available, so if you'd like to reserve your order today, send us an email at sales@losolivosmarkets.com