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    Monte Nevado Jam贸n Serrano 24

    Monte Nevado Jam贸n Serrano 24

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    The Monte Nevado Group is a family-owned company based in Carbonero el Mayor (Segovia, Spain) and dedicated for four generations to the production of Serrano, Mangalica and Iberian ham. The company sells over half a million hams in more than 30 countries, with national facilities in Segovia, La Rioja and Salamanca and international branches in France, USA and Canada. Specialized in long-term high-quality fat ham, Monte Nevado was responsible for the recovery of the Mangalica breed in Hungary, which was in critical danger of extinction in 1990. The company currently owns three farms in Hungary that guarantee the maintenance of such breed.

    Serrano ham "24" is from pigs of Celtic origin, bred in Spain and selected for their size, age and proportion of fat. Monte Nevado selects hams from heavy pigs, which allows them to extend the curing process for an average of 24 months. During the crafting process Monte Nevado uses only very little mediterranean sea salt and no additives.聽

    Their master ham artisans review and classify each piece one by one many times until they decide that each ham has reached the ideal maturation.聽

    3oz per packet.聽