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    Paella Cooking Set

    Paella Cooking Set


    This Paella Cooking Set is perfect for creating the ultimate Spanish culinary experience! This set includes everything you need to make a savory paella: 12" Personal Pan, Bomba Rice, Valle Magina Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Pimentón, J. Vela Pimientos del Piquillo, and Saffron. Enough to make 5 four-person servings! All you need to add is your choice of protein and/or veggies. The paella pan is made of durable material, allowing even heat distribution. Lastly, the included recipe from our own family in Spain provides step-by-step instructions to help you make a delicious paella. The Paella Cooking Set is perfect for creating a delicious and authentic Spanish meal at home. Buy the Paella Cooking Set today and enjoy the best of Spain in your own kitchen!