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    Chilesquiles Signature Red

    Chilesquiles Signature Red


    Octavio and Romina of Chilesquiles, is Texas-made and handcrafted in small batches with fresh, natural and sustainable ingredients to share the tradition of Homemade Mexican Cuisine in every jar (16 oz.)! Each jar has a personal batch number and best by date. The idea behind the sauce is to spend less time cooking and more time together over a savory, delicious meal and with Chiselquiles you know you're getting the authentic recipe in every jar.

    Cilesquiles signature red brings together roasted roma tomatoes, guajillo peppers, and ancho peppers. A winning combination on a variety of dishes such as, roasted pork loin, chicken tinga, or a marinade for your favorite protein.

    Suggested to be enjoyed with a roasted pork loin, create a delicious chicken tinga or savor as a marinade for your favorite protein.