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    Beirabaga Lemon Curd from Portugal - 260 grams

    Beirabaga Lemon Curd from Portugal - 260 grams


    Discover the exquisite allure of Beirabaga's Lemon Curd, meticulously crafted from the finest, premium ingredients. These lemons, meticulously harvested from the bountiful orchards of Beira Baixa, infuse this creation with their exceptional aroma, yielding a truly distinctive flavor that sets it apart.

    Guided by time-honored techniques, our Lemon Curd embraces tradition, free from any artificial additives, ensuring an unadulterated experience.

    Pure delight awaits – a culinary masterpiece that harmonizes flawlessly with yogurt, enriches pies and tarts, elevates cheesecakes, meringues, and scones. Unveil its exceptional pairing with avocado pear, inviting you to explore endless flavor possibilities.


    - 2 Stars in the 2017 Great Taste Competition