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    Dominus Acebuche Polyphenol Rich Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain

    Dominus Acebuche Polyphenol Rich Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil from Spain

    $64.99 $69.99

    • Polyphenols: 502 mg/kg¬†
    • Acidity: 0.15%
    • 8.45 ounces¬†
    • Golden green color
    • Fragrant aroma of green fruits with critical notes of mint, tomato plant, grass, & green apple
    • Very aromatic, the notes of green leaf are predominant. Perfect balance between bitter and astringent flavors. Progressive spiciness

    More Information

    Dominus Acebuche is made from the fruit harvested by hand from the wild olive trees or acebuches that grow at 600 meters above sea level, on the slopes of the Cortijo Virgen de los Milagros, on the foothills of Sierra M√°gina Natural Park.

    Surrounded by protected woodlands, which include aromatic plants such as thyme, savory and rosemary, our wild olive trees grow and develop naturally, acclimatizing perfectly to the mountainous environment.

    The harvesting of the fruit is done necessarily by hand, and is carried out by means of a delicate method known as ‚Äėmilking‚Äô. The immediate cold extraction of the harvested fruit yields around 950 liters of acebuchina oil every year. This wild olive oil is of extraordinary quality, with a high level of natural antioxidants.

    Enjoy Dominus Acebuche extra virgin olive oil on salads, pasta, pizza, and more for a superior flavor and health benefits.


    Extra Virgin Olive Oil of superior category, obtained directly from olives and only through manual processes. 

    Nutritional Information: 

    Typical Values: 100 grams

    Energy: 3,697 kj/899 kcal

    Fats: 100 g

    Saturated Fats: 14 g

    monosaturated fats: 81 g

    polysaturated fats: 5 g

    Carbohydrates, Sugar, Protein, and Salt: 0 g


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