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    Mondariz Sparkling Water

    Mondariz Sparkling Water


    Discover the Natural Wonder of Mondariz Balneario: Home to Spain's Premium Sparkling Water

    Located in the picturesque town of Mondariz Balneario, Pontevedra, Spain, our renowned spring lies within a protected countryside area. Here, water is naturally filtered through ancient layers of granite, imbuing it with a unique texture and flavor. Scientific studies reveal that the water remains in the aquifer for 60 to 150 years, emerging at a constant, refreshing temperature year-round.

    Since 1873, Aguas de Mondariz has been celebrated for its exceptional mineral-medicinal waters. Officially declared a public utility in 1873, our high-quality mineral water has been bottled at our state-of-the-art facility since 1877, right next to the legendary spring.

    Experience the legacy and purity of Mondariz mineral water—bottled at the source for ultimate freshness and health benefits. Discover why Aguas de Mondariz stands as Spain’s premier choice for natural mineral water.


    - 2024 Superior Taste Award (The Best Water in the World)