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    Mondariz Still Water

    Mondariz Still Water


    Nestled in the smallest municipality in Spain, covering less than 2 km, Mondariz Balneario thrives thanks to its remarkable thermal springs. The discovery of these healing waters is credited to Dr. Domingo Blanco Lage, a local physician who noticed their ability to heal dermatological injuries. He soon began recommending Mondariz waters for therapeutic purposes.

    For the sixth consecutive year, our water has earned the highest honor of 3 gold stars at the Superior Taste Award, presented by the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) of Brussels. This prestigious award highlights the superior taste and exceptional quality of our products, cementing our reputation as one of the world's leading mineral water brands.

    Our natural mineral waters, both sparkling and still, have consistently been rated as "exceptional," achieving scores over 90 points out of 100. Our sparkling water received an impressive 94.1 points, outperforming other entries in the competition. This year, the competition featured 1,250 products from five continents, with only 20% receiving the top score of three stars.

    Mondariz mineral water is celebrated globally, having secured the maximum score at the Superior Taste Award for six years straight. If we achieve this rating again next year, we will be awarded the prestigious Diamond Taste Award, becoming the first company worldwide to receive this honor.

    The International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi) of Brussels is an independent organization comprising esteemed chefs and sommeliers from various countries. It aims to evaluate, recognize, and promote the finest food and beverages worldwide. The Superior Taste Awards distinguish products of the highest quality and taste.


    - 2024 Superior Taste Award (The Best Water in the World)