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    Pepper Marmalade

    Pepper Marmalade


    Elasun pepper marmalade (12.4 oz./350 grams)graces the breakfast table of the home of the King and Queen of Spain as well as the Royal Palace of the Zarzuela.

    Elena Esolano and Asunción Berroy, create this extraordinary handmade product in Barbastro, in the heart of Somotano, Huesca, the magnificent valley at the base of the central Pyrenees Mountains. ​The company is built on a commitment to quality that comes through in everything they do, from the meticulous care that goes into the selection of the fruits they use to the innovative and evocative design with which it's presented. The ingredients of Elasun products are entirely natural, with no preservatives or dyes of any kind. After patient preparation, the result is something special: an exquisite product that evokes the seasons with natural fruit flavors.