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    Texas Iberico® Chorizo: Spicy Pecan Cold-Smoked (Sliced/2 oz.)

    Texas Iberico® Chorizo: Spicy Pecan Cold-Smoked (Sliced/2 oz.)


    Texas Iberico Sliced Chorizo (2 oz.) is a delicious and unique pork product. Made from Iberico pork raised in Trails End Ranch in Menard, TX, it is a perfect addition to any meal. Special care is taken when producing this chorizo, ensuring each bite is flavorful and high-quality.

    This is a pure bred Iberico Pork, from a family owned company who believes in humane & sustainable processes. 

    this chorizo is made with hand selected spices, cold smoked over pecan wood, then slow cured for 45 days. 

    Tasting Notes

    Our 100% Iberico Pork Chorizo harness the rich flavors of smoky paprika from western Spain and the character of Sherry to encapsulate the essence of chorizo. Following a 45-day curing process, we cold-smoke it over pecan wood. The results is a balanced combination of delicate texture with a touch of lingering spice. 

    Perfect Pairings

    Manchego, Sharp Blue Cheese, Aged Gouda, Drunken Goat, Breadsticks, Honey or Berry Jam.