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    Texas Iberico® Coppa: Honey & Chile Piquin Cured (Sliced/2 oz.)

    Texas Iberico® Coppa: Honey & Chile Piquin Cured (Sliced/2 oz.)


    Indulge in the flavor of Texas Iberico Sliced Copa, made from Iberico Pork raised in Trails End Ranch in Menard, TX. Cured with toasted spices for over 2 months, it is a flavor that is distinctively Texan! Enjoy a slice of this delicious meat for a unique and flavorful experience. Good Food Award Finalist in 2021!

    The “coppa” is a collection of muscles that is an extension of the loin that runs through the pork shoulder. When butchered, it has a barrel shape, and is best suited for charcuterie or slow roasting. Being in the shoulder, it has a lot of fat, and it is a muscle that gets used a lot, resulting in more flavor.

    Texas Iberico is a family owned, humane & sustainable company that raised pure bred Iberico porks. 

    Tasting Notes

    To craft our 100% Texas Iberico Coppa, we cure whole muscle coppa with honey & the chili piquin pepper, to enhance its robust flavor, spiciness, and tender texture. Ideal for elevating charcuterie boards, sandwiches, and antipasti platters.

    Perfect Pairings

    Creamy Blue Cheese, Soft Spanish Cheese, Olives