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    Truffle Peelings - 55 grams

    Truffle Peelings - 55 grams


    Our Truffle Peelings contain 55 grams of the finest truffle mix for a unique gastronomic experience. The truffle mix is made of fresh selected melanosporum, magnatum and aestivum truffles, carefully prepared to retain the freshness and flavor of the truffle. Perfect as a topping to use on risottos, hot dishes and cold meats, this truffle mix will boost your meals with a delicate aroma.


    Keep in a dry and cool place. Once opened keep refrigerated. Shelf life: 24 months after packing date. Once opened, consume within 15 days. Suggestions: Combine with pizza, hamburgers, pate, sausages, eggs, cheese, pasta, croquettes, etc.