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    Conversation with Dr. Simon Poole: The Olive Oil Diet Author - Dos Olivos Markets

    Conversation with Dr. Simon Poole: The Olive Oil Diet Author

    Dr. Simon Poole, Author of The Olive Oil Diet

    Last week we had the pleasure of hosting an Instagram Live with Dr. Simon Poole, the author of The Olive Oil Diet, as well as a Mediterranean Diet expert and physician in the UK. If you have not watched it yet, click here to watch the full video. 

    In this conversation we covered many, important, topics. The main takeaways were the views and perspectives people have of Olive Oil and what we should be looking for when shopping for a GOOD olive oil. On top of that, we also discussed all the health benefits that come with consuming the right Extra Virgin Olive Oils and what these components can do and what they are. 

    The main term that has been picking up buzz recently is Polyphenols. In this conversation we learned the answer to questions like "What is a polyphenol?" "What olive oils have the highest amount of polyphenols?" "How do polyphenols benefit our bodies?"

    Polyphenols are antioxidants and anti-inflammatory nutrients that can be found in Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Now, there is a lot of debate on how much is present in the different varieties and types of olive oil. However, based on our conversation with Dr. Simon, we know that high stress environments cause an olive tree to create and release more polyphenols into their olives. This then took us to talking about our Dominus Acebuche Extra Virgin Olive Oil. This olive oil is praised by many due to its high contents of polyphenols. Yes, you guessed that right! This specific type of olive oil comes from a wild olive tree, which means they are not grown in a grove and they grow under stressful environments, making their fruits the most polyphenol rich that we know of. 

    Many doctors have praised it for their amazing health benefits as you can see the late Dr. Frank Suarez do in his YouTube videos or as you can see Dr. Simon and how he talks about it during our conversation last week. 

    The Dominus Acebuche Extra Virgin Olive Oil is from Spain and only available in our market within the entire US. We offer domestic shipping and even a subscription option so you never run out of this golden elixir. Check it out here and order yours today!