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    COVAP: A Snack From Spain to You! - Dos Olivos Markets

    COVAP: A Snack From Spain to You!

    iberico, chorizo, salchichon, sliced ham, charcuterie board

    Here at Los Olivos Markets we pride ourselves in curating the best from Texas and Spain and offering it to our customers; both in person and online! 

    We recently introduced a new line of pure Spanish Ibérico products from pigs fed on acorns, which help in transforming them into the finest cured meats on earth, and deliver them to your door anywhere in the US. 

    Our COVAP products are known as ALTA EXPRESIÓN, which is a synonym of craftsmanship and premium quality. COVAP is the largest farmers cooperative in Spain. Since 1959, for over four generations, their farmers have been dedicating their lives to raise the one and only purebred Ibérico pig. Over the years tradition met excellency, and today COVAP is an award-winning company with worldwide renowned products. Their dedicated farmers in Spain are the heroes of their success story. Their wisdom and hard work from dusk to dawn has been from day one the backbone of COVAP. 

    COVAP’s free-range 100% Ibérico pigs enjoy roaming on very special acorns in one of the largest holm oak forests in the world. They eat up to 20lb of acorns a day! The fallen acorns from these ancient oak trees are sweeter than in other areas in Spain, and as a result, the salt-cured hams are very balanced instead of salty.

    At Los Olivos we love to provide the best options especially when it comes to foods and snacks that bring friends & family together. We recommend any of these COVAP products to be used as meats on your next charcuterie board as well as the perfect snack to have on hand for a wind-down Wednesday evening. We currently offer the following as one-time purchases or subscriptions so you can get yours every month, every 2 months, or every 3 months: Ibérico Sliced Ham, Ibérico Sliced Chorizo, Ibérico Sliced Salchichon, Ibérico Morcilla (Blood Sausage), Ibérico 1lb tubed Chorizo, Ibérico 1lb tubed Salchichon, and the Ibérico Bone-In Leg.