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    Los Olivos Original Red Chili Pomegranate Salsa - Dos Olivos Markets

    Los Olivos Original Red Chili Pomegranate Salsa

    Did you know that we make our own salsas to fit any cooking needs?! One of our 7 favorite salsas is the Los Olivos Original Red Chili Pomegranate Salsa! It is great in taste and versatility! You can add a little extra olive oil and use it as a quick salad dressing, whip in some mayo for a spicy tangy punch to your sandwiches, or you can also use it to top your tacos...Pork? Fish? Why not both?
    Our team of chefs make these salsas fresh in-house and with a recipe found nowhere else! With high quality, flavor, and freshness in mind this salsa will become your ingredient for all your favorite dishes.
    We showcased the LOO Red Chili Pom Salsa at the Buda Salsa fest and it was a HIT! You can get yours at any of our 4 locations in Texas or get it shipped right to your door by ordering it on our online store. What are you waiting for…feel the spice and freshness of this amazing product.