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    Make Your Own Pan Tomate! - Dos Olivos Markets

    Make Your Own Pan Tomate!

    Have you ever been to any of our Los Olivos Markets? If you haven’t you’ll want to come try one of our day ones! Our fan-favorite Pan Tomate.
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    6 ways to use Caprichos de Guadalquivir Jams - Dos Olivos Markets

    6 ways to use Caprichos de Guadalquivir Jams

    Whenever you think of Jam, you naturally think of Breakfast. But what about all the other ways you can incorporate them into your daily routine? Well we have the perfect 6 ways to use our Caprichos de Guadalquivir Jams.
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    A New Restaurant in Town

    The last thing our friends told us as we said goodbye was, “Did you know that Los Olivos is now a restaurant—not just a wine tasting venue?”
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    Dominus Olive Oil & How We Use It - Dos Olivos Markets

    Dominus Olive Oil & How We Use It

    Dominus Early Harvest is a fan favorite in stores and online. Dominus is the result of decades of experience from the Montabes Vañó family in the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and the expression of a desire: achieving a special, exclusive quality Olive Oil.
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    Paella: A Spanish Delicacy - Dos Olivos Markets

    Paella: A Spanish Delicacy

    Want to find out why we love paella? Order our Paella Kit which includes our own family recipe or order any of our authentic ingredients imported directly from Spain to make your own paella such as our Personal Paella Pan, Bomba Rice, Saffron, Paprika, Piquillo Peppers, and our Cosecha Temprana Olive Oil.
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    Dominus Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Only The Best From Spain - Dos Olivos Markets

    Dominus Early Harvest Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Only The Best From Spain

    Learn why Dominus Early Harvest is the result of decades of expereince.
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    Dominus Acebuche Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The Best Olive Oil To Buy - Dos Olivos Markets

    Dominus Acebuche Extra Virgin Olive Oil: The Best Olive Oil To Buy

    Dominus Acebuche, the olive oil you didn't know you needed. Find out about its history, process, and health benefits!
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    MONVA: Where Our Olive Oils Come From - Dos Olivos Markets

    MONVA: Where Our Olive Oils Come From

    Mr. Francisco Montabes and Mrs. Araceli Vañó, descendants of olive-growing families who, since the end of the 18th century consecrated to the cultivation of olive groves and the production of oil in mills of their property, acquired the Cortijo Virgen de los Milagros in 1972. That is how Montabes Vañó, S. L. (MONVA) was born, a company that keeps maintaining the tradition, experience, and values established by the founders.
    The Cortijo, an old estate where MONVA carries out the entire Extra Virgin Olive Oil production cycle, is located in the municipality of Mancha Real, on the slopes of the Sierra Mágina mountain range, in Jaén. Their estate has been farmed since the Roman Empire times, it has borne witness to countless archeological sites and is now one of the last traditional olive tree crops. Besides giving sustenance to over 90,000 olive trees, their Cortijo shelters every year tens of olive farmers from Jaén, who make possible the production of an Extra Virgin Olive Oil of excellent quality.
    Their olive tree plantation has an extension of 650 hectares, which benefit from the clayey-calcareous soils with a relief of soft oscillations. This enables an easier cultivation and olive-picking process.
    They use homegrown olives, which allows them to plan the picking season and to control the production process at all times. They grow their picual olive tree plantation according to the Regulation on Integrated Production, in order to guarantee a higher protection of the environment.
    To learn more about them visit their website at www.monva.es
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    Buy or Gift Olive Oil and More From Los Olivos Markets! - Dos Olivos Markets

    Buy or Gift Olive Oil and More From Los Olivos Markets!

    Los Olivos Markets Is The Perfect Place To Get Culinary Gifts for Everyone!
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    Jamón Serrano from Spain coming to Los Olivos Market! - Dos Olivos Markets

    Jamón Serrano from Spain coming to Los Olivos Market!

    We are excited to announce that we are importing Jamón Serrano from Monte Nevado directly to Los Olivos Market. When we envisioned the business, from the beginning we knew that we wanted to curate experiences and connect customers with great quality and delicious products. Because of our close relationship with Spain we decided to bring an exceptional Jamón Serrano to our Market. At Los Olivos Market we value the importance of trying new and accessible products. We have two kinds of Jamón Serrano available, Ibérico and Serrano. Both hams are all-natural and air dried in the Spanish mountains.

    Serrano ham "24" is from pigs of Celtic origin, bred in Spain and selected for their size, age and proportion of fat. Monte Nevado selects hams from heavy pigs, which allows them to extend the curing process for an average of 24 months. During the crafting process, Monte Nevado uses only very little mediterranean sea salt and no additives. Their master ham artisans review and classify each piece one by one many times until they decide that each ham has reached the ideal maturation. 

    Ibérico ham comes from the autochthonous Spanish Ibérico pigs whose slow growth result in optimal marbling. Monte Nevado's slow and natural curing process without any additives allows them to get the best aromas and flavor from each piece: each one reaches its perfection at a different moment. Ibérico ham is very aromatic with long-lasting flavor, and a creamy, melting sensation in your mouth. 

    We have limited quantity available, so if you'd like to reserve your order today, send us an email at sales@losolivosmarkets.com 



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    Family Dinners Remembered, Relived, Renewed - Dos Olivos Markets

    Family Dinners Remembered, Relived, Renewed

    Family Dinners Remembered, Relived, Renewed

    Lately, I’ve been reminded of a special time. The table is set spectacularly; every piece of silverware, every glass, and plate is where it’s supposed to be.  The time taking effort to make a meal something unforgettable. It has the makings of an elegant formal dinner, yet it is in the comfort and casualness of our home. The feeling is joyful and lively. The kids are laughing, yelling, and running around like kids always do. The Moms (all sisters) are putting the final touches on the meal of the day. At the head of the table is Papá Ramon, endeared Grandfather and patriarch of the family, enjoying a hoppy ale, as he did prior to any great meal. The family isn’t celebrating anything special per se, but it is the weekend, and we are fortunate to be together. The ambience is cheerful, and focused on the most important thing, Family.

    It was in these settings, that so many treasured memories have been lived. The blessing that it was to have everyone at the table, and to share a nice bottle of wine with a special dinner like braised short ribs, or a wonderful tray of jamón and cheese before a succulent paella. Papá Ramon cherished these family moments, and loved to celebrate these memorable meals. He did it, as if that moment, was the last moment on earth. 

    Papá Ramon inspired the business and the name of Los Olivos Market, because of his love for food and wine. As we work to adjust to this new normal the pandemic has pushed our communities to, I can’t help be reminded of everything he instilled in us. As we are forced to slow things down, spending most hours in shelter, a renewed appreciation is found for the moments we share. The time we dedicate to each meal, the ability to pair it with the right wine, and turn our days into enduring moments that will be everlasting.

    At Los Olivos Markets.com, we have been posting some wonderful videos created by our talented Operations Director, Chef John Herdman. At first, we were just trying to adapt to the pandemic, and to the shelter in place measures executed by the government. We were shifting our business model from the physical to the online world.  In that process, the videos have become more than that for us now. It is our hope that the videos we produce help curate experiences at home that bring a sense of exploration, and discovery. 

    Since the start of the Shelter in Place measures, our family has spent many hours cooking, in part, because many restaurants are temporarily closed, but also because there is time. There is time to savor the moment, and to be meticulous with every step. There is time to be creative and learn something new; to venture out, and try a recipe that may have seemed too tedious when life was racing past us. If our home is anything like other homes, this is a perfect opportunity to not only expand our horizons, but more importantly to cherish the experiences we share with our loved ones. Share the fun and savor the taste of what we have created.

    Now more than ever we are proud to be part of the community, and consider ourselves fortunate to have the chance to support our vendors and customers. At Los Olivos Markets, we have always taken pride in curating experiences in great food, beer, and wine, that bridge Old World Tradition with Texas Charm. It was our intent since day one to showcase the best that Texas and the Hill Country had to offer. We loved seeing the daily visitors to our beloved Wimberley discover some of the best Texas Wines, Craft Beer, and Gourmet Foods. Today, we are proud to extend this to your home with our carefully thought out videos, and it has been an interesting journey, as we have shifted to life inside, and the business to an online store

    The parallel of the value and joy we have experienced in taking the time to cook with our families, and the effort we’ve put in the production of our videos to expand our business model is not lost on us. In practical terms, they help us highlight some of the best uses of the wonderful products our carefully selected vendors produce, but more importantly we believe they are an opportunity for you to create and share moments with your family that you will cherish forever. Please visit us at losolivosmarkets.com, or @losolivosmarket_wimberly on Instagram, or on our YouTube Channel to see more.


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    Gift Baskets for Your Loved Ones - Dos Olivos Markets

    Gift Baskets for Your Loved Ones

    We specialize in Texas fun so when you are looking for the right gift for that special someone, you can count on us.

    In addition to our wines, beers, and food, we carry interesting and useful housewares, wine accessories, and more. Come explore our shop! We can also make custom gift baskets for any theme and price range. They are perfect for corporate gifts, special occasions, or just because. Come on in and let us help you create something that is sure to please.

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